National Saturday Club’s annual Summer Show

The online exhibition of work goes live Saturday 12 June.

Date: 11 June 2021

From Saturday 12 June, the public will be able to visit the online exhibition showcasing work created by young members of the National Saturday Club, of which London Met is a part.

The exhibition celebrates the ideas, vision and creativity of young people and embraces the breadth, depth and diversity of the National Saturday Club network nationwide.

The Widening Participation Team at London Met runs two National Saturday Clubs for 13 to 16 year olds, with one club focusing on Art and Design, and another focusing on Writing and Talking. The club members get the opportunity to learn from London Met academics and students, as well as offering a creative space to express themselves, build confidence and connect with other young people with similar interests.

Charlotte Gaughan, Senior Schools, Colleges and Widening Participation Officer, said: “We have been constantly blown away by the creativity and imagination the club members have brought to our sessions and the standard of work has been outstanding. It has been a wonderful place to spend a Saturday morning and we are so proud of each and every student we have worked with this year.

“I would like to thank tutors Tory Sanders (Writing & Talking Club), and Jane Linz Roberts and Chiara Cola (Art & Design Club) for their devotion to the Saturday Club Programmes and the wonderful club members who have attended them.”

One club member said: “‘I never really did extracurricular clubs in school, so this has been a great opportunity to look forward to something fun over the weekend.”

London Met’s Student Ambassadors also help out with the Saturday Clubs, with Paula Veleda Barea assisting with the art and design club, and Angelica Jacobs-Grant with the writing and talking club.