Milling industry support for sustainable housing research project

Wood-Mizer has partnered with the School of Architecture on HomeGrownHouse.

Date: 1 July 2021

HomeGrownHouse, a research project addressing the limited use of locally sourced, small-diameter round wood in construction, has received industry support from Wood-Mizer, a leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy for innovative sawmilling products.

The company has helped the project by testing new, low-waste methods of milling coppiced Sweet Chestnut timber.

George Fereday,  Associate Teaching Professor at The School of Architecture said: “A key deliverable of the HomeGrownHouse research was linking efficiencies in timber sawmilling to the design of structurally-optimised sweet chestnut building systems. We also wanted to use widespread equipment that would allow our designs to be repeatable at scale anywhere in the UK. 

“To achieve this meant pushing the boundaries of timber milling, using existing tools in the industry and, crucially, finding an industry partner that had the ability and willingness to experiment with us. We found all of this in Woodmizer UK who showed a 'can-do' attitude, an openness to trying new ideas and machines that proved very flexible and efficient at reducing waste. I’d like to thank Dave Biggs, general manager at Wood-Mizer.”