‘Made in London’ Conference

Makers, designers and innovators in musical instrument making in London, from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

On Saturday 28 May, researchers and students from as far afield as Poland and the USA will join us in Aldgate at Goulston Street for a one-day conference, which brings together an exciting range of new research examining the making and development of musical instruments in London. Diverse instruments can trace their roots through London workshops and the pioneering efforts of an enterprising body of innovative and skilful craftsmen.

Makers, restorers, conservators, players and historians will discuss musical instrument-making in London from the 18th to the 21st centuries, to generate a better understanding of issues common to both current and former practitioners. The programme has been selected to promote new dialogue between the practical and theoretical, to refresh organological thinking, and to forge creative new collaborations in the practice and analysis of musical instrument making.

The Cass is pleased to host this conference in partnership with the Institute of Musical Research.

To book a place please email Lewis Jones, l.jones@londonmet.ac.uk


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Date 28 May 2016
Location Goulston Street
Contact l.jones@londonmet.ac.uk
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