London Met makes a Green Impact

The University took part in the national Green Impact scheme, encouraging staff to think about their environmental responsibilities.

Date: 31 May 2017

On Thursday 25 May 2017, London Metropolitan University’s Sustainability team hosted the first ever Green Impact Awards to celebrate the achievements of those who took part.

Run by the National Union of Students (NUS), Green Impact encourages universities to play a role in helping the environment, either from their workplace or by going outside and helping to bring about environmental change.

Staff who took part were provided an online workbook where they were encouraged to work through the criteria.

Zanda Pipira, Sustainability Assistant, who led on the project, said: “Green Impact is a fun and engaging initiative and staff enjoyed being involved in tasks like Fairtrade Bake Offs, the Mount Everest Challenge or starting a blog. By getting involved with environmental actions, all teams have helped to contribute to the sustainability work we do here at London Met.

“80 staff members from across the University took part this year. This is a fantastic achievement for the first year of the scheme and I am proud of the work we have done.”

Leading the way with a Gold award were; The Green Machine (PR & Internal Communications), Green Rangers (marketing), Team Extreme (Community Outreach and Events team) and the Green Team (sustainability team).

Towering Infernos (Estates) won a Silver award in recognition of the hard work and effort they put into the initiative, including a Bake Off sale.

Catering, Emerald City (Aldgate Library team) and Pro Green (the Rocket Venue and Commercial Operations team) won a Bronze award.

Staff from all areas of the University got involved in many fun and creative ways. From blogs to bake sales, press stories to repotting plants, the scheme was open to all staff members and recognises any level of achievement.

Professor John Raftery, London Met’s Vice Chancellor, presented the awards. He said: “The first ever Green Impact scheme has played a huge role in engaging with staff at London Metropolitan University.

“Sustainability is something we excel in and we should be proud of the work we do here. I am proud of the achievements of the staff who took part and look forward to seeing next year’s initiatives.”

Many thanks to Jessica Naylor, NUS Sustainability Project Officer, for her time and dedication to working alongside London Met for the scheme.

See below for a full list of award winners;
Gold award

  • The Green Machine – PR & Internal Communications; Charlotte White, Luke Foddy, Nicole Mitchell, Athena Barrett, Siobhan Pipa, Lyubomira Nikolova, Phil Chapman and Emma Wynne.
  • The Green Rangers – marketing; Miguel Ferrer, Kara Khan, Karl Van Sielman, Josephine Tamburello, Tayyabah Ahmed, Beth Apple, Chidubem Nwabufo, Hasnai Benkacem, Alan Ward, Kate Stanbury, Demetria Maratheftis, Steve Blunt, Alex Drew, Artur Vogt and Dawn Fernandez.
  • Team Extreme – Community Outreach and Events; Claire Black, Jas Gane, Natasha Smith, Tabitha Ettienne, Kyle Dougherty, Jake Featherstone, Liz Routhorn, Diahann Licorish, Sophie Cloutterbuck, Emily Link, Renzo Veschini, Charlotte Gaughan, Amaka Achike and Maxine Thomas.
  • The Green Team – sustainability team; Rachel Ward, Zanda Pipira, Paul Ayles, Jim Quinn, and Pamela Rodrigues.

Silver award

  • Towering Infernos – Estates; Ada Okechukwu, Jack Burrell, Martyn Carter, John McBennett, David McGhie, Ralph Kalmoni and Jayne Sutton.

Bronze award

  • Catering; Somia Salij and Cheryl Nelson.
  • Emerald City – Aldgate Library Hub; Lucia Migheli, Liz Mortimer, Emma Rampling, Robin, John Verral and Anna Walsh.
  • Pro Green - the Rocket Venue and Commercial Operations team; Alex Massey, Lauren Tindall, Khris Sankar, Andrew Marshall, James Currington, Annabel Galligan, Kam Knatt, Elena Muntianu and Ina Schimming were also part of the team.

Working Towards Bronze

Special Awards

  • Environmental Hero – Kara Khan, Copywriter.
  • Innovation for Engagement – Team Extreme, with their blog: Team Extreme! On a Quest for Gold!
  • Innovation for Engagement – Jim Quinn, Building, Infrastructure and Maintenance Manager.
  • Environmental Improvement – Marketing.
  • Student Auditors - Edward Kumbirai Kasonde, James Luke Quinn, Alexandru Porcariu, Susan Tracy, Isabel Wessel, Mohit Bhatia, Oluyomi Dada, Lee Davis, Sophie Howorth and Peter Grabowski.