London Met lecturer launches The Podiatrist magazine

Following his appointment as professional editor, Dr Chris Morriss-Roberts is working to ensure the publication is forward-looking, contemporary and relevant to its readers.

Date: 04 January 2021

London Met’s Dr Chris Morriss-Roberts, Head of Postgraduate Experience, is this month launching the new Professional Journal for the Podiatric Profession, The Podiatrist. 

The magazine has been relaunched with a view to putting its readers, members of the College of Podiatry, at the heart of the magazine and offering them a great source of continuing professional development (CPD).

Dr Morriss-Roberts took over as professional editor of the magazine about a year ago, with the remit of essentially starting it again from scratch. He has led the development of a new editorial board, the editorial and review process and transformed its look and feel.

He explains in an introduction to the magazine, "Over the last year, significant changes have been put in place to ensure this publication is forward-looking, contemporary and relevant."

He also commented that his motivation lies in serving the podiatry profession, saying "my approach has very much been that this is, and should be, a magazine for its members."

This was reflected in his approach to the magazine’s transformation - before making any changes Dr Morriss-Roberts led an intense, eight-month consultation process with the magazine’s readership, comprising focus groups and targeted discussions. 

The new editorial structure means the magazine will be more able to quickly respond to content, publish current material and thinking, and have a more outward-looking focus through its interdisciplinary collaborative approach.

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