Fashion bootcamp accelerates businesses

They have creativity in abundance, but now fashion students at London Metropolitan University have the business skills to boot.

Date: 29/11/2012

They have creativity in abundance, but now fashion students at London Metropolitan University have the business skills to boot. 

The students, based in London Metropolitan Business School, took part in an intensive ‘Business Bootcamp’ at London Met’s Accelerator facility - the business incubator that supports new enterprise.  

Held in celebration of National Global Entrepreneurs Week, the initiative saw students on the year-long Fashion Project module gain hands-on experience and develop their ideas for sustainable businesses. 

“The boot camp really helped us get into the right frame of mind and structure our ideas,” said Katja Widder, a BA Fashion Marketing student in LMBS. “We have reaffirmed our drive to turn our ideas into a reality.”  

As part of the Bootcamp, the chosen young entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to focus on all aspects of running their businesses, from marketing to business strategy and public relations.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work alongside existing businesses currently based in Accelerator

Former London Met students who are running their businesses out of Accelerator’s Hatchery Programme gave presentations as part of the Bootcamp. For example, alumni Anna Halsall shared her experiences of operating her own business with the students.  

LMBS student Sineed Kaley said: “I had never known that there was so much involved with the importance of social media until today’s Bootcamp. I knew it was important but the session has made me realize how online marketing can be so vital to building our business.”  

Based at Accelerator, London Met’s Student Enterprise programme is aiming to better young entrepreneurs wherever possible. The University’s Student Enterprise Development Manager, Simon Boot, said: “The specialised skills, support and training available through the Student Enterprise presents a tremendous opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

"Any students or recent graduates with a good idea, and the passion and drive to create a successful business, should get in touch to find out how we can help turn their idea into reality.”

Visit the London Met Student Enterprise website for more information 

London Met graduate Anna Halsall (centre) with interns at the Accelerator Bootcamp