Living mindfully

Dr Rohini Vijaygopal, an academic researcher, believes meditation is a tool for a clear and calm mind at work in her latest article.

Date: 29/03/2016

Dr Rohini Vijaygopal is a faculty member at the University researching on developing innovative international marketing communication strategies for adoption of electric cars.

However, Rohini has always been interested in yoga and meditation right from her childhood, she started practising yoga and meditation more meticulously since 2004. She has been trained traditionally in India as well as holds UK qualifications to teach yoga and meditation. She also volunteers with The Mindfulness Foundation, UK.

Meditation is one way of not getting consumed by this ocean of stress. It is known to improve decision making and leadership skills, communication and motivation abilities, emotional intelligence, creativity amongst several other benefits. Above all, by meditating, one could increase a sense of purpose thus making work become more meaningful while also insulating ourselves from much of the unwanted stress.

Take a look at Rohini’s latest article on living mindfully which appeared in The times India. 

Image of Rohini