Learning Science collaboration paves way for student success

Smart Worksheets provide London Met students with a tool to easily assign and identify compounds, and undertake advanced data analysis in their work.

Date: 14 October 2020

Students in London Met’s School of Human Sciences are benefitting from a new partnership with Learning Science, through which they can access Smart Worksheets: an online auto-graded, bespoke learning resource for advanced data analysis and calculation practice. This resource has helped to embed principles of digital literacy in London Met’s science teaching and learning.

Prior to working with Learning Science, students had a test where they were assigned the NMR spectra of a known compound. This had mixed results due to varying student abilities, often resulting in misinterpreted questions. A new assessment was needed that was more engaging, interactive and accurate. To deliver this, Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry Dr Bhaven Patel worked with Learning Science to develop The Identification of Unknown Compounds Smart Worksheet for a second-year analytical science module taught across multiple courses. 

Balgisa Ahmed, who is in her third year of a Pharmaceutical Science BSc, is one student who has benefitted from this tool. She has used Smart Worksheets to find an unknown compound after a lab practical.

Balgisa, who hopes to apply for graduate-entry to study medicine after she completes her undergraduate studies said: “It was extremely helpful having real-time feedback. It allowed me to work in my own time and input data and correct myself before moving forward. Seeing my results right after each question was great. I was very impressed the way it was formatted, it allowed me to visualise the data and the pattern occurring and gave me more of an understanding of the assignment.”

Another student, Habiba Elbeh, said: “The Smart Worksheets have helped me to easily assign and identify compounds, and include clear patterns that help to get the correct data. Most of the students feel more comfortable using this tool as they can make sure their answers were right by checking the answers with the patterns in the same sheet so no there’s no risk of confusion.  

“I found using Smart Worksheets easy and clear. The lecturers helped us to understand how to work with them. They gave us a lot of examples and questions, so we practised a lot through our course. When the exam took place, we all were confident enough to pass this part of the exam.”

Balgisa Ahmed

Pictured: Balgisa Ahmed