La Città è Mobile!

Cass Furniture alumni Matteo Pacella and Philippine Hamen present new furniture collection as part of London Design Festival 2018

Date: 11 September 2018

Designers Matteo Pacella and Philippine Hamen, both alumni of BA Furniture and Product Design at The Cass, are exhibiting their furniture collection La Città è Mobile! at Mason's Yard from 15th to 23rd September as part of London Design Festival 2018. The collection interprets, at an intermediate scale, the archetypal forms of classical architecture and the traditional wooden building blocks children play with.

Pacella and Hamen have used the archetypes of classical architecture, which they see as a cultural product that has over thousands of years permeated our collective subconscious, to measure the effect they still produce on us, whether we find their presence comforting and maternal, or whether they haunt our dreams like in De Chirico paintings.

The blue and synthetic resin which coats the pieces comes at odds with the historical reference and places the collection "fuori tempo": out of time. Magnified toys or miniature architecture, La città è mobile! disrupts our perception of the scale of furniture and invites us, through the anachronistic permanence of ancient forms, to enter a mythological space where time seems suspended, and where the ephemeral reality of daily-life is put in tension with the classical idea of eternity.

blue furniture shaped like an aqueduct photographed among real roman ruins