Journalism students pay visit to the Guardian

Journalism student Omotunde Sotuminu reports on London Met's first trip to the newspaper since the pandemic, where they heard from journalists from the Scott Trust Bursary scheme.

Date: 3 November 2022

The Guardian welcomed London Met students on Wednesday as the first university to visit since the pandemic. Journalists from the Scott Trust Bursary scheme - Safi Bugel, Mabel Banfield-Nwachi, Sammy Gecsoyler and Weronika Strzyżyńska, shared insights and advice on journalism careers.

Strzyżyńska, who has spent a year working at the Global Development desk, shared some advice on pitching. She said: “Be specific, give a different and fresh angle. Also, state why you're the person to write it and why it should be told now.” 

Try different niches to find out what you enjoy was the advice to student journalists from Banfield-Nwachi, who has been working at the Business desk for two months. “Sometimes it can be intimidating since business is not my expertise, but my Editor reminds me that I wouldn’t have been given the story if I were not capable of writing it,” she said.

In preparation for a future career, Gecsoyler, a journalist at the Film and TV desk, encouraged students to consume the content they would like to write about. Fellow colleague, Bugel said: “Writing for your student magazine is a helpful way to prepare for your career as a journalist."

Dressed informally with smiles all-round, all speakers affirmed that The Guardian's work culture is great and fosters career progression. When asked about the most stressful part of the job, they found it difficult to pinpoint something but mentioned the importance of sticking to deadlines and having a thick skin when dealing with the backlash when writing on controversial topics. 

The Scott Trust Bursary scheme helps aspiring journalists who face financial difficulties attain the necessary qualifications needed to pursue a career in media. The Guardian, having just celebrated its 200th-anniversary last year, prides itself in "using clarity and imagination to bring hope." They have evolved from just being a newspaper to having a strong digital presence that is "data-informed and not data-driven."

The visit to The Guardian was part of Engagement Week for students in the Foundation Year and Year One in the Journalism courses. Other activities they are enjoying this week include making spooky films, eating (free pizza), listening to engaging guest speakers and visiting the Victoria and Albert museum with a fashion tutor.

Image by Charlie Shepherd at The Guardian Foundation.

students at the Guardian office