How Clearing can help you find a university place this September

What is Clearing, and how does it work? Let’s bust some myths and check out the facts

Date: 17 August 2017

A Level results day is here, and students across the land are finding out if they’ve been accepted into their university of choice. 

But what if you’ve missed out? Does that mean you can’t go to uni at all?

Clearing can help you find a different university course

Fear not. You can still find a university place by entering Clearing – the term for how universities ‘clear’ the remaining places on their courses. 

You can find places by visiting the UCAS website, or by contacting universities, such as London Met, directly.

But what if I didn’t apply to any universities this year?

If you have only recently decided to go to university, Clearing can help too. You can call universities directly to see if they have places available.

I’m not in education anymore – can Clearing help me?

It sure can. Listen to Phil Chapman, Director of Engagement at London Metropolitan University:

“The idea that Clearing is only for people who have missed out on their first choice university has become rather outdated. The reality is that many people who apply for a place during Clearing do so for different reasons. At London Met, we often receive enquiries from people who aren’t currently in education, or haven’t applied to a university through UCAS, but have decided late in the day that they’d like to start a degree in September.

“Many students with brand new BTEC or A-level results who hadn't applied for university this year decide they want to when they see friends and family get their places confirmed. Clearing offers such people an opportunity to make a positive change in their lives.”

Don’t rush

Just one very important piece of advice to bear in mind – don’t rush and make a decision that you go on to regret. Take time to look at universities’ performances in key measures, such as graduate employment and teaching quality.

Different universities offer different experiences. London Met, for example, is all about giving students skills and knowledge to ‘meet the needs of our time’ – that means a focus on employability.

More than 95% of all 2016 graduates from London Met are in work or further study thanks to this focus, and initiatives such as its Work Related Learning module.

London Met has some spaces left for this September – why not have a browse?

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