"I got huge support from day one"

Habiba Elbeh credits the support she got from her professors in pushing her forward to graduate with a first-class Pharmaceutical Science degree.

Date: 3 August 2021

Habiba Elbeh previously felt like it would be "impossible" to gain an undergraduate degree, but realised how much support she would find at London Met after visiting on an open day. She graduates this week with a first-class Pharmaceutical Science BSc

"I had huge support, and they had faith in me from day one," she says.  "The University was always supporting me and pushing me forward, especially my course leader Dr Bhaven Patel."

During a difficult period in her personal life, there were times when she felt like she wouldn’t be able to complete her studies. "But with unbelievable support from my professors," she says. "I completed my degree with first class honours. It was my mother’s and grandfather’s dream for me. Even though they are not alive now, I am sure they can feel their little girl made it."

During her time here, Habiba became the student representative for pharmaceutical science and a success coach to help students from previous years to understand some of the lecture materials and support them in the laboratory. 

The pandemic necessitated a shift to virtual learning in 2020, alongside bringing about numerous other challenges - but having spoken with other students from her course, Habiba said, "we did not find any lack of support when we moved online. The support we had was double what we would normally have had during face-to-face lectures.

"The pharmaceutical science family was super supportive and always motivating us to do our best. I want to thank each member of them for the huge support they gave to us and for leading us to reach our goals."

Her advice for other students is to make sure to "enjoy every second of your degree journey. From my experience, London Met developed my confidence. I learned a lot of things on the academic side, but also in my personal life. You might see it hard to gain your degree but with hard work, you will do it… If I can do it, so can you."


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