Hungry London: why are more people using food banks?

All are welcome to hear from and pose questions to experts on food poverty, and produce magazines, blogs, TV and radio broadcasts focused on this topical issue.

Date: 14 December 2020

London Met’s Newsweek this January will focus on Hungry London, and the rise of foodbank use in the capital. Newsweek is a series of events run as part of the University's journalism course, which sees students produce magazines, online blogs, and television and radio programmes focused on a topical issue over the course of a week.

Participants will be invited to hear from and pose questions to guests and an expert panel, who will explore why more people are using food banks, as an army of volunteers is mobilising across London to fight the growing scourge of food poverty ripping through the capital, fuelled by the COVID crisis.

The panel comprises of: Tiffanie Cummings, health care worker and mother of three who relies on her local food bank; Solomon Smith and Dr Mahamed Hashi, Brixton Food Kitchen; Carmel McConnell MBE, founder of Magic Breakfast; Leon Aarts, founder of With Compassion; Anne Elkins of The Felix Project; and Morven Oliver-Larkin from the London Food Poverty Campaign.

The Hungry London debate will take place online on Tuesday 19 January at 5pm - click here for a free ticket. It will explore just how bad the situation has become, how dynamic new organisations are springing up, and the wider social and economic trends leading to empty stomachs.

people packing food into boxes

All are invited to attend Hungry London - click here for a free ticket

When?Tue, 19 January 2021, 5:00 pm
Where? Online