Hidden Layers

ENSEMB7E presents Hidden Layers, new exhibition by MA by Project Artists at The Strand Gallery, London.

ENSEMB7E presents Hidden Layers, an exhibition staged by MA by Project Artists.

Hidden Layers will open with a Private View on Thursday 10 November, 6-8.30pm and run until 14 November 2016. Thursday - Monday 11-6pm at The Strand Gallery, London.

Hidden Layers serves as a metaphor for the outcomes encountered on the path of the search.  
The ‘deep learning’ uncovers hitherto protected or concealed layers within an individual’s practice.  

Diverse research areas and fine art practices including Jewellery, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting and Installation combine to form this multi-disciplinary group – building an individually stronger practice.  Through our research, lost, yet to be discovered, or the newly imagined are encountered.

Installations and memory objects subvert conventional notions of home as a safe haven | Evocative landscapes allude to a distant past and an unknown future |  Nature’s life-giving decay is  interpreted through shapes, textures, and colours |  Surrealist ideologies and sensory forms explore skin damage and tangible objects that disrupt urges | The possible future understanding of womankind is sculpted with reference through the recent past to current times | Objects informed by the Tao and the power of water reveal balance in nature | Large-scale symbolic paintings, seduce with colour and texture.

You are invited to share in their exploratory journey.

Hidden Layers

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Date 10-14 November 2016
Location The Strand Gallery