PhD Collaboration with Hasselt University

Cass lecturers prepare future exchanges between The Cass and Hasselt University in Belgium.

Cass lecturers Simone Ten Hompel and Sandra Denicke-Polcher were invited to visit Hasselt University in Belgium. There, they met with Jan Vanrie and Bert Willems and their teams from the Architecture and Art School. As part of the visit, both Simone and Sandra presented PhDs and Live Projects from The Cass and participated in a PhD crit.

This started a lively debate with students and staff that are soon to be continued. Both universities already have a range of PhD programmes, and have prepared another event for their students to be held at The Cass in March 2017.

The event will take the form of a seminar to discuss similarities and differences in the respective research programmes at the two universities. It will be a platform for early researchers to present, debate and critically engage with their research theses.

Staff from Londonmet and Hasselt have an informal meeting outdoors