Green Impact Awards 2019/2020

The annual Green Impact scheme, now in its fourth year, came to its finale during a live-stream presentation showcasing this year’s award winners.

Date: 13 July 2020

Staff at London Metropolitan University joined a live-stream on Thursday 9 July to celebrate the sustainability work achieved by departments across many different areas of the University.

The awards were celebrating the results of this year’s Green Impact scheme, an initiative developed by the National Union of Students (NUS) and delivered by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) which encourages staff from UK universities to think about environmentally and socially sustainable practice, and supports them to create positive and long-lasting change. 

Staff who took part are provided with an online toolkit, where they work alongside the Sustainability Team to implement their sustainable actions.

Zanda Pipira, Sustainability Officer said: ’’Green Impact is a simple and effective way for departments and teams to improve their health and wellbeing, connect with other staff across the university, and make positive changes to the workplace and our environment. This year we have adapted Green Impact to be easily completed at home, so staff members can continue to adopt sustainable practices and engage with their teams.

"This programme is not only contributing towards staff professional development by building new relationships and working side by side with colleagues, but it also contributes towards personal development as they learn about social, health and environmental issues and make a real impact on their workplace. Over past 4 years we have implemented 1,219 positive actions in offices and at home, trained 37 students as auditors, saved 88,742kg CO2* and £37,226* (*analysed each year using the Carbon Trust’s Empower tool)

"I have seen how across the departments we have made a meaningful change whether it is to promote more sustainable travel, eating less meat, making better food choices or simply switching off the lights at the end of the day – we all contribute to the University’s values, environmental responsibilities as well as our own wellbeing at work.

"I would like to thank all those who contributed or directly helped to achieve our environmental goals and targets. The changes we can make together to reduce our collective environmental impact are incredible and this year’s awards only confirms this.’’

With thanks to the 2019/2020 student auditors:

  • Agnes Gitau
  • Md Abdul Abdul Noor
  • Percy Martin Mushavire
  • Usman Ijale
  • Colin Bizayi
  • Olivia Nicole Simpliciano
  • Elis Rejane Araujo Conde
  • Maria Romana Varandas Do Carmo
  • Aleksandra Sobic
  • Sonia Veronica Joseph
  • Porsha McNally.

A full list of 2019/2020 Green Impact winners


  • Eco-Estates: Matthew Brewster, Deirdre Martin, Maria Apostolopoulou, Ada Okechukwu, David May, Paul Ayles, Jack Burrell, Ka-Yan Cheung, Elizabeth McGowan, Helen Gowlan, Helen Edmonson and Zanda Pipira.
  • Pro Green Bar: the Rocket Venue and Commercial Operations team: Alex Massey, Lauren Tindall, Khris Sankar, Andrew Marshall, Annabel Galligan and Andrius Volosinas.


  • Apleona Cleaning: Ceri Ford, Meloy Findlay, Hamid Vazir, Hernan Paramo


  • Catering Kitchen: Somia Salij and Scott Bunyan
  • The Jolly Green Giants: Anna Kamyk, Diana Budreikaite, Stuart Cameron, Adam Bradley, Mursheda Khanom, Emma Booth and Kamile Bundonyte
  • We Mean Green: Levent Bozdere, Wendy Chatland, Helen Bayford, Sumayah Awal, Rahma Ally, Adele Almammedova, Martin Paterson, Cornell Coggins, James Compton, Agnieszka Dutch, Sam Gambie, Costel Rusu, Maria Dominguez, Gene Huie-Manneh, Maria Adu, James Allie, Jana Kiteo, Emmanuel Sackey, Laura Mottola, Angele Cauthery, Aissata Diaby, Maha Rahwangi.

If you would like to sign up for the Green Impact programme in the next Academic Year, visit the webpage to find out more. The programme starts in October 2020.

The rooftop garden on the Holloway campus