Graduate stories | Dimitar Gotsev

Dimitar Gotsev, an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate, shares his story and reflects upon his time at London Met

Date: 1 August 2019

More than 1300 London Met students gathered at the Barbican, London, for their graduation ceremonies earlier this week. In our Graduate Stories series, we share a selection of their stories and find out what they plan to do next.


by Dimitar Gotsev

I've had an affinity for technology since I was young, so going into engineering always seemed like an obvious choice for me. Deciding on the exact discipline I wanted to do was more difficult, but eventually, I settled on communications as I want to help develop new and better technology for bringing people together no matter where they are. I was also fascinated by the development of futuristic communications methods we can use in space travel.

With this interest, I embarked upon a two-year BTEC course at South Thames College. I look upon those years with fondness, enjoying the hands-on approach to learning, yet still I wanted more.

London Met, the perfect place for me

With the BTEC over, I looked at universities and saw that there was an open day at London Metropolitan University. Given that they offer a course in Electronics and Communications Engineering, I thought I would go and have a look. 

It was clear from the moment I walked onto the campus that London Met would the perfect place for me to study. It wasn’t just the incredible facilities and atmosphere that swayed me; it was the lecturers and the electronics department. 

The lecturers showed me where we would be studying if we applied, explaining what I would learn in the next three years in such an informative and personal way. My mind was made up quickly, and I got onto the course for a September start.

My first impressions were completely correct. Throughout my course, I took many interesting modules which pushed me to see things in a new and more developed way. The module on Microwave and Optical Fibre Communications is one that stands out for me, as the teaching was so in-depth. 

‘My lecturers helped me grow intellectually and personally.’

I think the main reason I’ve enjoyed my time studying at London Met comes down to the high-level of the lecturers. At some institutions lecturers tend to distance themselves from the students – this is not the case at London Met. My lecturers actively approached and discussed the topics covered with me to make sure I understood everything and could relate back to my own work. They were personable and honest and I know that, just like my fellow students, they allowed me to grow both intellectually and personally. 

Institute of Engineering Technology prize

The impact my studies at London Met have had on me shows clearly. I was awarded this year’s IET Prize for London Met, nominated by my lecturers. The prize is awarded annually to outstanding students who are completing a course of study which has been accredited by the IET, and I was only in a position to be considered because of the highly skilled professors and lecturers who helped and guided me so that I reached to my full potential.

I still have a lot learn within this vast field which is why I am planning on staying at the University and doing a PhD under the guidance of Professor Bal Virdee, Director of The Centre for Communications Technology. Professor Virdee has helped me tremendously over the last three years and has inspired me to shift my focus onto the research and development aspects of communications. 

A picture of Dimitar Gotsev

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