Generosity and architecture

London Met academics Sian Moxon and Jane Clossick publish chapters in a new book exploring how generosity in architecture operates in, and questions, socioeconomic and political systems

Date: 5 October 2022

Research from two London Met academics has been published in a new book, Generosity and Architecture.

Available from Routledge, the book includes a chapter by Sian Moxon called ‘Rewild My Street’: A model for community-led urban rewilding, and one from Jane Clossick, called A place for participation on the Old Kent RoadBoth are academics on London Met’s Architecture programmes, and affiliated with the Cities research group at the Centre for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE).

The book arose from a conference on Generosity at Cardiff University in 2018, which they both contributed to, alongside other London Met academics Jane McAllister and Sandra Denicke Polcher.

This book proposes that architecture can function as a true embodiment of generosity and examines how generosity in architecture operates within, and questions, current and historical socio-economic and political systems.

As such, it interrogates ways in which architecture aspires for something more, whether within economic austerities or within historic contexts of a discipline that has often been preoccupied with cost and quantitative measurement.

The texts presented in this book critically examine the theme of generosity and architecture from a variety of perspectives, addressing the theoretical, the historical, and the everyday processes of architectural practice, procurement, and policy in a global context.

The book is a richly collaborative text which explores how architecture – in its processes of ordering and shaping space – can represent and embody generosity in all its multi-faceted potential.

Image by Tierra Mallorca.

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