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Furniture and Product Design Students head to Holland

Furniture and Product Design students went on a cultural trip to Eindhoven, featuring visits to museums and creative spaces.

Date: 15 November 2017

Furniture and Product Design BA students recently travelled to the Dutch city of Eindhoven, where they visited the Design Academy, which exhibited a range of eclectic and well-thought-out pieces, as well as some conceptual works.

One of their favourite pieces from the exhibits was by Adam Ponnis, who studies at the Design Academy. He has been looking into the unique ‘interaction between man and mobility’ and he has created a door which is controlled by an air compressor and moves like a muscle.

The students also visited Section-C, a behemoth creative space full of workshops of all sizes. Here, they had the chance to speak to the creators in their own creative spaces, learning their stories and discussing the finer points of design, craftsmanship and the creative process.

On their way to Eindhoven, the students stopped by the Design Museum in Gent, Belgium, where they discovered an eclectic mix of ornate wood carvings, minimalist furniture and interesting glass-works.

Furniture and Product Design student, Finlo Corrin, said: “It was amazing to see such a large and diverse range of ideas, products and people in such a relatively small city and in such a small time. Highlights included the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Sectie C maker space.

“Excursions on the journeys to and from Eindhoven to the Ghent Design Museum, Bulo factory in Mechelen and Thonet Concept Gallery in Antwerp crammed even more into a jam packed three days.

“Thanks to tutors Will Smith and Cathy Stack for organising it for us. Will drove the minibus there and back too!”

Furniture and Product Design BA course leader, Cathy Stack, said: “The trip was fantastic and the students really enjoyed it. They recommended it as a compulsory and yearly trip for all Furniture and Product Design students, and brought back hundreds of images and materials to enrich research folders.

“I think the students benefited in three ways, they formed strong bonds impacting positively on the way they collaborate and work together in the studio, they were invigorated and excited by the quality of the work by students and young start-up studios, and they learnt a lot about putting on a good show.”