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Sales soar for Cass lecturer Peter Marigold's innovative new product FORMcard.

FORMcard, an innovative new product designed by Peter Marigold who teaches furniture and product students at The Cass, is enjoying huge popularity following its launch in late 2015.

FORMcard is a credit card sized piece of bioplastic that can be softened in a cup of hot water, allowing it to be moulded into new shapes or used to repair objects. Mounts for mobile phones, temporary hotel room hooks, handles for broken tools, rescuing plastic toys that may otherwise have been thrown away… the possible uses for FORMcard are only limited by the imagination of its growing number of users. And because it is re-useable, FORMcard's owners can keep imagining. 

Peter, who leads the Harvest studio in the furniture section of The Cass with Vanja Bazdulj and Chris Emmett, is a renowned designer who works with leading companies. Peter was born in London in 1974 and, after studying sculpture at St Martin’s College, enrolled on the Design Products MA course run by Ron Arad at the Royal College of Arts. He became a familiar name with the Make/Shift shelving system and Split Boxes, is now a regular guest at the furniture fair in Milan and Design Miami, and has exhibited at international galleries and museums. He won Design Miami’s Designer of the Future Award in 2009. His collaboration with SCP, with whom Harvest students have enjoyed a live project brief this year, began with the launch of the SUM shelves in 2009. More recently he created the Galvanized collection as part of SCP Editions, launched in Milan 2016. His FORMCard innovation has attracted the attention of both media and the public worldwide.

Peter is one of a team of leading practitioners who teach furniture students at The Cass including William Warren, Rentaro Nishimura and Assa Ashuach. Michael Upton, Academic Leader at The Cass said: "We are delighted to have Peter teaching here. It really benefits students to be taught by an innovative designer who is pushing boundaries. You can already see his impact in the work our students are creating – fast turnaround, adventurous, ambitious and playful.”

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