Fine Art Lecture: Flyposting by Adrian Burnham

Flyposting: Connotations and Concerns, a lecture by the artist at the Cass, Central House, Room CE1-16.

There are as many stories about flyposting as there are stickers and onlookers. In this talk the artist Adrian Burnham will be considering historical, literary, filmic, political and aesthetic issues as well as making reference to contemporary practitioners raising questions as to how different people see or use the medium.

Flyposting is inextricably bound up with urban environments. Posters cleave to the cities’ surfaces. Informing, entertaining, transporting or offending, they denote both ‘thick’ urban space and fluid, porous places. This becomes apparent in those parts of a city where flyposting is outlawed: shopping malls, business districts, panoptic and pseudo-public spaces.

Is flyposting, that most direct and anarchic form of paper communication, further threatened by the rise of social media networks? Or will Bill and Wilhemina Stickers somehow survive the post-geographical turn of our digital age?

A flower and a spiral-type pattern

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Date Thursday, 29 October, 5.30 pm
Location The Cass, Central House, Room CE1-16
Contact Rosemarie McGoldrick