Fashion Reborn: Reuse and Rethink

The next London Met Newsweek will bring together an expert panel to debate sustainable fashion and the throw-away culture of our society.

Date: 15 February 2022

London Met's second Newsweek of the year, which is open to all, will investigate whether we can survive as a throw-away society. Is shopping for clothes literally killing us?

Newsweek is a series of events run as part of the University's Journalism course. Students work for an entire week preparing coverage around a specific topic, and produce online blogs, news articles, and television and radio programmes. 

Our Fashion Newsweek will take place on 8 March, 5-7 pm, in the Roding Building (TM3-03). An expert panel will debate and discuss this important topic, comprised of:

  • Award-winning Editor and Sustainable Fashion Brand Writer Delphine Chui
  • Ross Pollard, Asia Pacific & Emerging Talents Fashion Editor, MilliOnAir Magazine
  • Tina Charisma, Communications Specialist and Sustainable Solutions Advocate
  • Caroline Ash, Director, Fashion Enter/Fashion Capital
  • Brooke Roberts-Islam, Founder, Techstyler and Senior Contributor, Forbes.

The event, sponsored by London Met Journalism and a generous grant from Drapers, will also feature a student catwalk of sustainable fashion.

To see what our students put together during the last Newsweek in March, which was all about Student Mental Health, take a look at The Holloway Express.

scrabble pieces reading 'Buy less, choose well, make it last'

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8 March, 5-7pm
Roding Building (TM3-03), London Met

Photo Credit: Edward Howell/Unsplash

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