Expert commentary: cancer and obesity

Justin Webb, senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University, comments on the recent news that obesity can be linked to the cause of cancer.

Date: 23 March 2018

Justin Webb, senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University and author of Macmillan Cancer's Move More Pack, said:

"Lifestyle factors are clearly very important for the primary prevention of cancer, but it is also important to highlight the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices for cancer survivors.

"For example, being active can help to improve quality of life and attenuate some of the consequences of cancer and its treatments. Physical activity and a healthy diet are important factors in weight management, however only 23% of cancer survivors in England are active to recommended levels, meaning many would benefit from help and support.

"An example of such support is the Macmillan Move More Pack which enables people with cancer to become active, should they choose too, whilst still providing access to cancer specialist physiotherapists online. In addition to the benefits to quality of life, the consequences of treatment, and cancer outcomes, research has shown that being active is associate with a reduction in hospital stays, meaning that low cost interventions such as this can not only help people self-manage elements of their condition, but also bring cost savings to an already stretched health service."

Portrait of Justin Webb in a light blue shirt