Events Management MA graduate lands job at Chillisauce

Alexandra Storch, a recent Events Management MA Alumna, has landed a role in Chillisauce as a Corporate Sales Executive.

Date: 06/09/2016

Chillisauce is one of the UK’s largest events management companies, Chillisauce delivers thousands of activities and experiences for groups and companies across Europe every year. 
Alexandra Storch, a recent Events Management MA alumna, has landed a role in Chillisauce as a Corporate Sales Executive. At London Met we are very proud of our graduates, and we contacted Alexandra to congratulate her and share her experience with us at London Met.
Tell us about a typical day at work
As Corporate Sales Executive I deal with our low budget events and offer team-building activities to teams who want to do something that is a bit more social and light-hearted and really just have a bit of fun in their teams. Besides that, I also support our Corporate Account Managers on finding venues for their activities. We offer a full venue finding service to our clients, so this is a big part of my role as well. A typical day would be a mix of dealing with enquiries and performing venue searches.
What attracted you to your course?
A friend told me about the course. At that time it was not possible to study Events Management in Denmark, and I wanted to experience something new and I found London Met. 
Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I have an AP Degree in Hospitality Management from Copenhagen Business Academy and a top-up Bachelor in Marketing Management from Staffordshire University, which I studied in Barcelona for 1 year. When I got back to Denmark I started working for KPMG as their Marketing Assistant where I supported 15 people in the Marketing department. I was with KPMG on a 6 months fixed contract and it was then I figured out that I was not done travelling or studying, so I applied for the Masters in Events Management at London Met as it seemed like a suitable choice for me. Luckily, I got accepted!
How have you found the course at London Met?
I have found the course very helpful as it has taught me how to think like an 'event expert' and I am always concerned with how to create a better event experience.
What was your highlight at London Met?
Probably writing my dissertation. Even though it wasn't all good times while I was writing it, I am so proud to have achieved a distinction in it - it was worth all the tears! 
Describe your experience in one word?
Eye opening!
How has the course prepared you for the world of work?
It has prepared in a way which I don’t think any job could have done! I have become so aware that the Events Industry is huge and there are so many possibilities, and probably most important that it is ever changing so there's always room for innovation and creativity. Having learnt about everything from the Olympics to small pop-ups, London Met has really opened my eyes to the exciting life I have ahead of me where no two days are the same. 
What are your plans now? 
I am really excited about being part of the corporate team at Chillisauce so I'll stay there for a while, but who knows after that! Maybe it'll then be time for me to experience a new country again or maybe start my own events company - no one knows. For now I am happy and grateful to be exactly where I am.
Photograph of Alexandra Storch