Education at London Met cited as 'an example of good practice' by the European Commission

London Metropolitan University has been named as "an example of good practice" and a "source of inspiration for others" by the European Commission, an executive body of the EU.

Date: 29 January 2019

A project led by London Metropolitan University has been cited as "an example of good practice" by the European Commission.

The Jean Monnet Network Best Practice in Citizenship Education Guides was led by Peter Cunningham and Dr David Blundell, who taught Education Studies at London Met until 2018, and Dr Rossana Perez del Aguila, senior lecturer in Education Studies BA.

Dr Perez del Aguila commented: "The project outputs were the result of exchange practices and ideas informed by research evidence.

"The good practice guides are a rich resource for schools, teacher education and other professional courses. It was inspirational to work with passionate professionals, and doctoral students who promote citizenship education in Europe through excellence in research and practice."

Funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the project was active during 2014-17 and provided guidance for school teachers and teacher educators through a series of resources including papers and learning objectives. The aim was to develop and promote citizenship education within a European context. The European Commission noted the project was "...particularly well managed and can be a source of inspiration for others."

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