Designing the Cultural Commons

In early May, students and tutors on London Met's Design for the Cultural Commons courses will be delivering a series of exciting workshops at the Design Museum.

Date: 21 April 2021

Tutors and students on London Met’s postgraduate Design for the Cultural Commons courses are set to present their work in a series of workshops as part of the Design Museum’s public programming

The workshops aim to uncover new models for sharing resources, values, spaces and wealth, and will introduce a range of methods and techniques to collectively explore alternative values, approaches and modes of production for design through the lens of the Commons: an emerging field of study that offers new models for sharing resources, values, spaces and wealth. They will be facilitated by Torange Khonsari, Emilie Mendy, Lily Heaume, and Saurabh Levin. 

Find out more about the events below, or on the Design Museum’s website:

Tuesday 4 May: Noise as Common Hazard with Saurabh Levin

Noise pollution is a growing problem in urban communities that has numerous adverse environmental and health effects. It is symptomatic of largescale inequalities in production and distributive practices, and of a lack of structure in how we manage our shared soundscapes. This workshop will introduce commons-based approaches to tackling noise pollution. By using smartphones and opensource applications to conduct noise surveys in their neighbourhoods, participants will create audio streams that can be shared online. Participants will learn how these shared repositories of data and media can be used as evidence towards civic rights, and ways in which community soundscapes can be managed.

Wednesday 5 May: Language of Care in Cultural Commoning with Emilie Mendy and Aurore Jullien

The language of care is at the heart of commons thinking; without a language of conviviality, there can be no commons governance. This workshop is designed to encourage young people to develop leadership skills using care principles. Over the course of the workshop, participants will engage in dialogue, listening and observation to develop new collaborative modes of community building.

Thursday 6 May: Re-imagining the Neighbourhood with Lily Heaume

Civic reimagining is crucial to reclaiming control of the streets to ensure a more inclusive, accessible and enjoyable neighbourhood that is guided by social values other than those predicated by capital. In this workshop, the concept of cultural commons acts as a framework for enacting social change. Through role-play and creative writing, participants will collaboratively develop tools and methods for reimagining possible futures embedded in social and environmental justice. Participants will be invited to utilise their collective imaginations to propose alternative futures for their towns and neighbourhoods.

graphic of a cityscape