Cleaning up our act for Green Impact

London Met’s PR and Internal Communications team have been taking part in this year’s inaugural Green Impact scheme.

Date: 8 May 2017

London Met’s PR and Internal Communications team have been working extremely hard to reach their Green Impact target.

The Green Machine, as they call themselves, have pulled out all the stops to reduce their carbon footprint and make their office more environmentally friendly, including buying plants and fairtrade products, making use of the recycling bins, making sure that they take water from the kitchen tap for the kettle, and recycling batteries.

The Green Machine is made up of Charlotte White, Luke Foddy, Nicole Mitchell, Athena Barrett, Siobhan Pipa, Lyubomira Nikolova, Phil Chapman and Emma Wynne.

Nicole Mitchell, Project Communications Officer, said: “For me, Green Impact has and continues to be a wonderful experience. Knowing that, on a day-to-day basis, I am doing something that is helpful to our environment is a rewarding feeling and it is something that I am becoming more and more passionate about.”

The Green Impact scheme is part of the National Union of Students (NUS) Green Impact programme, which hopes to get universities to reduce their environmental impact by using recycling bins and fairtrade products.

“Green Impact has also been a unifying experience for our team. We all water the plants and invest in fairtrade products and we work together to ensure that we are doing right by our environment, further promoting green impact,” she adds.

Last year, London Met exceeded its target of 50% carbon reduction by 2020. Currently, the University has reduced carbon emissions by 53%. The Sustainability team were featured in the local paper, the Islington Gazette. The featured story was about the team’s beehives and the sale of honey.

Athena Barrett, Internal Communications Officer, said: “It's been wonderful having the spotlight months on the staff intranet. They were kept up-to-date and so I always felt that the Sustainability team were behind our efforts, shouting us on.”

Adding: “The world is such a beautiful place and it's taken billions of years to become so beautiful. I am a steward of the earth and Green Impact has been my way of doing my little bit in Holloway.”

An internal Green Impact awards ceremony will be held on 25 May to celebrate the achievements of staff who took part.