Cass students selected as Venice 2018 Fellows

Two students have been awarded fellowships and will be spending a month in Venice conducting research.

Date: 9 May 2018

Two Cass students have been granted Venice Fellowships, a chance to spend a month in Venice during a major international biennale.

The Venice Fellowships is a unique opportunity for students, graduates and researchers to spend a month in Venice during one of the world’s most significant art and architecture biennales.

Ella Merriman and Tarn Phillipp both underwent a two-stage application process before being offered the fellowship along with approximately 60 other students, graduates and researchers.

Ella and Tarn will share their time between invigilating the British Pavilion exhibition and conducting independent research, which is guided by the focus of the biennale and the exhibition. Tarn, who is a fourth year RIBA Part 2 student said: “As someone with a deep passion for art, architecture and academia the prospect of being involved in one of the most significant cultural events in the world is extraordinary.”

Ella, who is a third year studying BA Furniture and Product Design said: “I hope to learn more about the Venice Biennale and spent time focussing on my development as a designer.”

The Fellowships programme was initiated in 2014 by the British Council to strengthen the British Pavilion contribution as a platform for ideas and research. This programme aims to educate and enrich the biennale exhibition, making it a reference point for all universities and arts institutions. The Fellowships offers a way of viewing and experiencing art and architecture that provides a new outlook on issues of public and private space, artistic process and display.