Big Idea Challenge 2017

London Met's Big Idea Challenge is back for 2017!

Got an idea? A Big Idea? A “change the world” kind of idea? Then London Met’s Big Idea Challenge is for you.

Our three competition categories – Creative, Commercial & Social Impact – mean that it’s easy for people and ideas from all parts of the University to take part.

So, whether it’s an innovative mobile app, a new medical service, an artist collective, a podcast series, an online marketplace or a national dance club (all past finalists), we want to hear about your idea and how it solves real problems and wows customers.

Who is the Challenge for?

It’s for Students and Graduates

For all Schools at the University and all types of ideas – not just business ideas. You could be a creative designer with an incredible new product, a business student who’s on to the next big thing, a science student working on a research project that could help society or someone with any number of other idea combinations. Ideas can come from anywhere, and we want to hear yours.

The only requirement is that you’re a registered full or part‑time London Metropolitan University student, an alumni of the university who has graduated since March 2012 or a current member of staff.

It’s for teams, too

Individuals or teams of up to 4 people can enter the Challenge. Not all of you need to be from London Met – as long as the majority of you are, you’re good to go.

It’s also for London Met staff

In 2015 we opened the Challenge up to staff for the first time, and it was such a success in the last years, we’re doing it again! We want to hear your big ideas. You won’t be competing with students or alumni, but head to head with other staff in your own special category.

What are the benefits to participating?

Well, for a start, the total prize pool is worth more than £30,000.

In addition to the cash prize money to invest in your idea, the best ideas will be offered a place on Accelerator’s prestigious Summer Launchpad programme, which includes office space in Shoreditch, along with the training and support needed to help successfully make your idea a reality.

On top of that, there are a number of other benefits from entering the Competition. Participants will:

  • meet and develop connections with other creative, visionary and entrepreneurial students and graduates
  • improve their employability through learning new skills in idea development, opportunity shaping and public speaking
  • receive valuable feedback and advice on their ideas and how to progress them
  • explore the possibility of creating their own job and "being your own boss"
  • have participation in the the Big Idea Challenge included on their Higher Education Achievement Report
  • learn about the support available to entrepreneurs in London today
  • meet experienced professionals in the different idea categories and broaden your network
  • have the opportunity to create publicity for your idea or venture

Apply for the Big Idea Competition today! 

Logo of the 2017 Big Idea Challenge.

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Deadline 13 February 2017, 9am