Artist Bex shortlisted for Young Masters Art Prize

Fine Art graduate Bex Massey has been shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize.

Date: 31 July 2014

Fine Art graduate Bex Massey draws inspiration for her highly contemporary work from some of the great artists and techniques of years gone by. That’s why she has been shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize, which celebrates artists who “pay homage to the skills and tradition of the past”.

Bex’s work will be exhibited alongside the other shortlisted artists at Sphinx Fine Art in Kensington from Tuesday 14 to Friday 31 October.

“I’m really blown away,” said Bex of her nomination. “'It's a highly prestigious award and it's really wonderful to have been shortlisted.” 

Although Bex's work looks very contemporary, she incorporates – with a little help from her Fine Art degree at The Cass – a range of classical painting techniques.  

“I owe a lot to all my tutors at The Cass.  Nigel Oxley and Rosemarie McGoldrick were like mentors to me and consequently enabled me to gain confidence in my ideas, craft and practice.

“Because my practice sits between painting, sculpture and archive, the history of art is critical to my examination of the role of painting and the language of display in the face of contemporary culture.”

Since graduating from London Met in 2007, Bex has been living and working in East London as an artist. She completed her MA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Art last year. The winner of the Young Masters Art Prize is announced in September 2014.

All about Bex Massey

For more information about Bex’s work and where she’s exhibiting, visit her website, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


A piece of art by Bex Massey