Lacey Contemporary Success

The Cass Fine Art BA alumna Andreea Ionascu wins first place in the Summer Arts Prize at Lacey Contemporary Gallery.

The Cass Fine Art BA alumna Andreea Ionascu has won first place in this year's Lacey Contemporary Gallery Summer Arts Prize. The winning piece Untitled II, Porcelain on Canvas, 155x123cm, was recently exhibited at The Cass Summer Show 2016.

The Summer Arts Prize

Now in its second year, the Summer Arts Prize at Lacey Contemporary Gallery saw 1000 individual works entered into the online stage of the prize, with just the top 46 chosen to exhibit in the gallery for the Finalist Exhibition. The winners were judged by a panel including Tabish Khan, Anna McNay and Ali Hilman and sponsors Be Smart About Art, Great Art UK and the EMA Arts Club.

Andreea's entry

Talking about Andrea's work, judge Anna McNay said, “Andreea Ionascu’s work is ambitious both in terms of idea and execution, but its low-key colouring and reasonably flattened surface prevent it from being bombastic. It is a successful illustration of concept and practical skill coming together with great aesthetic impact and is exemplary of what an award like this should seek to encourage.” 
detail of porcelain artwork hanining in a gallery

More Information about the Lacey Contemporary Gallery Summer Arts Prize HERE