Acts of Resistance

London Met lecturer and artist Marianne Forrest will lead a community drawing initiative at the launch of the Portsoken Community Centre.

Date: 19 November 2021

London Met’s Marianne Forrest will be hosting a table at the launch of the Portsoken Community Centre, inviting people to take part in Acts of Resistance, and the creation of a giant community drawing. The event will take place on Friday 19 November 3.30 – 6.30 pm.

Acts of Resistance is a series of events run by Artist and University Lecturer Marianne Forrest with participants from all walks of life.

Marianne explained the motivation behind her initiative saying, "Drawings come in many different shapes and sizes, just like people! At the Portsoken Street Community Centres opening event we will be making a huge drawing .....with everyone's help."

"The process used is particularly designed for those who think they can't draw. This event will debunk that idea and the drawing will grow through the event until it becomes a beautiful collaboration.

"Visitors will be invited to explore their own creative voices within the collective drawing. Everyone who takes part will sign the drawing and when it gets displayed their names will sit beside that of the Artist. After all it will be their hand that does the work!"

Alongside Acts of Resistance, the launch will offer food, conversation, live music, lantern-making and opportunities for Portsoken residents to meet their neighbours.

Man sketching lines on a large piece of paper