30 Days Wild

Urban rewilding project run by London Met's Siân Moxon will offer a new tip every weekday to transform cities for the benefit of wildlife.

Date: 14 June 2021

Rewild My Street, a design project which aims to transform urban homes, gardens and streets for wildlife, is supporting 30 Days Wild, an annual, month-long nature campaign by the London Wildlife Trust. The project is founded by Siân Moxon, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Interior Design at London Met’s School of Art, Architecture and Design. 

Throughout the month of June, Rewild My Street will issue a different image, via its website and social media platforms, each weekday with the goal of inspiring people to change both big and small things in their daily lives to reconnect with nature and help local wildlife.

This year, the project will be doing themed weeks. Week One was Safari Week, Week Two was Gardening Week, and following weeks will feature designs and illustrations to inspire urban-dwellers to go green, including contributions from guest writers and illustrators. Follow the project and take tips from Rewild My Street's Instagram and Twitter pages.

wild grass and flowers in a garden