2019 Students’ Union winners announced

The 2019 Students’ Union (SU) winners were announced in a glamorous awards ceremony in the Great Hall.

Date: 9 May 2019

London Metropolitan University Students’ Union (SU) came together to celebrate students and staff in a glamourous awards ceremony held in the Great Hall.

The SU pulled out all the stops on Wednesday 1 May to bring together London Met’s community. The awards are nominated and voted for by the students and are a way of recognising deserving students and staff.

Opened by keynote speaker, Craig Trevett, a Creative Writing and English Literature BA student at London Met, the event engaged with a wide range of students and staff from across the University. Nominations were made by students and the awards were decided by a judging panel.

The 2019 winners are:


Student Representative of the Year Natalja Frolova Natalja is always nice and respectful to everyone and is active and attentive to the needs of fellow students. Natalja’s dedication to their class is incredibly helpful, always being first in line to support fellow students, academically, emotionally, and practically.
Student Council Member of the Year Bukky Fadipe Bukky is a valued and respected member of the Student Council, and is always making useful and constructive contributions to the meetings. Bukky is always involved in discussion, and has never missed a Student Council meeting this year.
Society Committee Member of the Year Attia Malik Attia is an incredibly hard-working individual and is always fighting for the society, and is willing to go above and beyond for other students involved. Attia is remarkably humble, and without Attia, the society would not be able to function. Attia’s dedication is unparalleled, and the team would like to thank Attia for everything they do.
Society of the Year Model United Nations (MUN) Over the past three years, The MUN society has grown and developed, and has been a hugely rewarding experience for students. They work incredibly hard to engage with students of all years, by providing a fun and enjoyable learning environment for all. They go from strength to strength every year, ensuring that its members have fun whilst gaining something incredibly valuable.
Society of the Year  LGBTQIA+ Forum  The LGBTQIA+ group is new to the University, but have done some great work in such a short time. They have raised the profile of liberation on campus, working closely with external groups and University staff to create a safe space for students. The group offers an invaluable experience, and because of this, is in a really great place to flourish next year. 
SU Environmental Hero of the Year 

Alaina Morshead 

Alaina plays a huge part in the University’s contribution to sustainability and the environment and consistently invites students and staff to reuse their cups to save money and cut down on waste, and is also very vocal about the importance of doing so. Alaina inspire everyone to make a change and start from something small, which contributes to something larger! 
Community Volunteer of the Year  Angelika Kreft  Angelika has been volunteering with Detention Act for more than a year. Every week for the last year, Angelika has come in to support the work with people in Immigration Detention Centres, providing practical and emotional support to a large number of people. Angelika has been committed to supporting Detention Action and put in an enormous amount of time to learn complex knowledge required for this role, including supporting cases where there are language barriers and accessibility issues. Angelika has  made a substantial impact on the people they have supported, so this is a much deserved recognition. 
Sports Person of the Year  Leoni Barker  Over the past three years, Leoni has adopted a fun, loving, kind and professional attitude towards their sport and is resilient and gives 100% effort every time, always putting their team before themselves. Leoni is a hardworking individual, and always pushes the team to do their best. 
Sports Team of the Year Mixed Volleyball This team has formed incredibly strong relationships over the past year, which has enabled them to play extremely well as a team. Their efforts are organised, and their players are always motivated to engage with other sports teams in the University. By winning the league this year, they are a credit to the University and the Union.
Verve Media Volunteer of the Year Lamin Jaiteh Lamin is inspiring to a number of individuals through their active promotion of Verve Media to students and is incredibly hardworking and dedicated to their projects, and the level of pride and confidence which they have towards their work is commendable.
Outstanding member of staff (Computing and Digital Media) Nino Folic Nino is generous, helpful and patient and is always there for students, and help them make the most of their potential. Nino ensures that all students are able to benefit from their lectures. Nino is a fantastic role-model, and an incredible asset to an educational institution.
Outstanding member of staff (Human Sciences)  Jennifer Jacoby  Jennifer is always pushing their students to do their best, and makes their students feel determined to succeed and makes the subject content very accessible and understandable, and as a consequence, has helped a number of students improve their results in a short period of time. Jennifer is friendly, approachable, everyone loves them. 
Outstanding member of staff (Guildhall School of Business and Law) Piero Toto Piero is always keen to engage with students, and goes above and beyond to support those who need help. Piero is exceptionally humble, and their lectures are described as a ‘holy book’ by their students and does everything with precision and responsiveness, and their efforts have made a substantial difference to so many students’ lives.
Outstanding Academic Member of Staff (The Cass) Simone Ten-Hompel Simone is inspiring, supportive, encouraging, and has a tangible interest in all students and provides a high level of challenge to students, offering thought-provoking and intriguing advice and ideas which push their students to achieve their best. Simone is gifted at what they do, and provide exemplary teaching with verve and great jest!
Outstanding member of staff (Social Sciences) Steven Curtis Steven has not only been a wonderful lecturer, but has been tremendously helpful and supportive outside of their academic remit and always make himself available to students at all times, and his work ethic is truly inspiring.
Outstanding member of staff (Social Professions) Soraya Pittiglio Soraya is an incredibly supportive and encouraging lecturer and the lessons are always very engaging, and they have an approachability and warmth which is appreciated by all their students. Soraya’s efforts as a lecturer make students feel confident in their work, and their kindness is inspiring.
Outstanding Academic Member of Staff Orion Griffiths Orion is a compassionate, friendly, and caring lecturer, who goes above and beyond for their students, in an effort to make them feel part of the wider learning community. Orion’s passion for their field is inspiring, and they have a great understanding for what their students need to improve their understanding, engagement, and results on the course.
Outstanding Member of Support Staff Sam Gambie Sam approaches everything with a calm and efficient manner and always goes the extra mile outside his remit, doing so with good grace and characteristic charm. Both students and staff would like to thank Sam for his enduring goodwill and efficiency.
Unsung Hero Trevor Norris Trevor has had a huge impact, both academically and personally for their students and is an outstanding lecturer, whose passion and commitment to all students and staff is impeccable. Trevor goes above and beyond to give assistance wherever they can, regardless of their own work commitments.
The Shaun Wallace Award for Outstanding Contribution to the SU Antonella Petrocco Antonella has been an effective Student Rep for their course, acting as a channel of communication between students and staff. In Antonella’s efforts within Student Council, she has raised a number of issues of vital importance to student life, and has created discussion which has contributed to the development of the SU as a whole. Antonella has assisted with the creation of a number of student groups, and have contributed to a range of extra-curricular activities, making them a great role model for other students.
Dancers performing at the awards ceremony