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Advanced Conference Interpreting for EU/UN Accreditation Test (short course)

Why study this course?

This course is intended for interpreters working towards taking the interpreting accreditation test for the EU and/or UN institutions, or qualified interpreters who wish to develop their interpreting skills further. Depending on the demand, the languages offered are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Please note we need a minimum of two students with the same language combination before we can confirm the language pathway is open. All language combinations are in and out of English.

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The course includes 14 two-hour sessions which take place on Thursdays from 4.45pm to 6.45pm. The sessions run from October until the end of May. Classes are scheduled every two weeks. A calendar of set dates is provided to candidates when they join the course.

Applicants need to be graduates with a postgraduate qualification in conference interpreting from a university that closely works with the EU and the UN. For the UK, this includes graduates from the universities of Bath, Leeds and Manchester.

Applicants need to send their CV with a short statement describing their professional objectives and motivation to join the course.

The course is ideal for interpreters who are trained in conference interpreting but lack recent practice or interpreting students who wish to understand and practice techniques when interpreting for talks, negotiations, interviews and other meetings, formal or informal.

Each two-hour session is practical and takes place in the interpreting suite situated at our Moorgate campus. The interpreting suite includes six spacious booths with all recording facilities. The interpreting suite is equipped with a Brahler digital interpreting system.

On the course, you will: 

  • practise long consecutive interpreting with speeches up to six minutes long (with and without notes)
  • practise simultaneous interpreting with and without text at an advanced level
  • gain confidence in interpreting, presentation and communication skills
  • learn from feedback provided by experienced interpreters already working for the EU or the UN

The working language of the course is English. Language-specific interpreting tutors will provide feedback in the languages other than English.

The course will take place every other Thursday, 4.45pm-6.45pm, from October 2017 (14 sessions, ie a total of 28 hours). The starting date is 26 October 2017.

For further information, please contact Danielle D’Hayer at or on +44 (0)20 7320 1657.

A 10% discount is available for: 

- London Metropolitan University alumni  

A 30% discount is available for:  

- Ambassadors on the interpreting scheme

How to apply

Please send a copy of your CV to You will also need to attend an interview with the course leader, Danielle D’Hayer.

When to apply

The course leader is now taking applications for the course starting in October 2017. Please email

Fees and key information

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