Choosing a degree course

If you’re wondering how to choose a university course, it's normal to feel undecided as it’s a big and potentially life changing decision! Choosing the right course is important as your course could run for around three years or more depending on your chosen course. You want to enjoy your time at university and your workload will feel more enjoyable if you’re on the right course. We’ll take a look at what to consider when choosing your university course and guide you through the process.

Should I choose a university course based on my favourite subject?

To put it simply, the answer is yes!

You’ll read and be told lots of different things about how to pick a uni course. You’ll even see different how to choose a uni course quizzes online which might be helpful in some cases but ultimately you need a course that is going to keep you interested.

There’s no sure fire way on how to choose the right uni course but it’s important to consider which subjects you enjoy and have a genuine interest in. Studying something you enjoy and are passionate about is a way to ensure you’ll stay motivated throughout your studies and generally have a positive university experience.

When researching courses make sure to read in detail the course description and modules included. If your heart is set on studying a particular topic, make sure it's included as a module. The course content may also be different from any study you’ve done so far, even in the same subject area, so it's important to read in detail. Lots of universities have similar course titles but the topics covered might be completely different so doing your research here will pay off.

Research modules and teaching modes carefully

Degree courses are more than just their names and career outcomes. The content of a course can vary massively compared to the same course elsewhere. Make sure you research all course options available in certain subject areas, to ensure you find your best fit. At London Met, on each course page, key information such as a detailed description of each module, how the course is assessed and when to apply is all listed and should make your research a bit easier!

Do career options matter?

University is a pathway to your future career, so considering the career prospects of each course is important.

You may already be set on a career path and considering some courses that are specifically designed for a certain job outcome. Or, you might be interested in an area but not entirely sure which career you’d like to go into afterwards, which is perfectly normal.

It’s important to keep in mind when deciding which uni course to do that each course equips you with transferable skills that can lead to working within various sectors related and unrelated to the subject area. Whatever course you study will open doors to a wide range of career paths, some you might have considered and some you might not!

At London Met, we put job prospects at the heart of everything we do and prepare our students for the world of work. Graduates from London Met go on to thrive in a diverse range of impressive careers.

Worried about entry requirements?

It is a good idea to take note of entry requirements of any courses you’re interested in early on, so you know what you’re working towards. So, it’s important to keep this in mind when browsing courses, at London Met we list the relevant entry requirements on each individual course page.

If you don’t get the grades, or miss the application deadline, don’t panic! There are always options to go to university through Clearing. Clearing is a way that universities fill places on their courses as they get closer to the start of the new academic year and a flexible way for you to change your mind about a course/university and consider your options, find out more about applying through Clearing at London Met.

What are the next steps?

Once you have done your research, considered the factors listed above and decided on the course you want to study, it's time to move forward and take the next steps.

Visit an open day

Have a look to see if there are upcoming open days so you can explore the campus facilities in person. Attending an open day is a great way to get a feel for the university, meet tutors and students and get to know the surrounding area.

Share guides for parents

You may need some help explaining your course decision and the general application process to those close to you. We have some  resources to help parents understand, our parents guide might be a good place to start. We also have a Clearing guide for parents if you’re considering this route.

Making your application

Once it’s time to apply, make sure you fully understand what is required with your application. The application process varies depending when you want to begin your studies, whether you're a UK or international student and what time of year you apply. Don’t worry, we have some helpful advice which will help when applying to a course.

Ease any results day anxiety

Lastly, try to stay calm in the lead up to results day. We know it can be an unsettling time so that’s why we created a guide to handling results day anxiety, which may put your concerns at bay.

Overall, deciding which university course to study is an important and sometimes scary decision! It’s important to carefully consider your interests, the different course options available, the requirements for getting onto each course and its career prospects.

With this in mind, this is also a really exciting time and potentially the start of a new chapter in your life. London Met’s course pages are designed to include this important information so it’s all in one place and easy for you to navigate, browse our courses today and we’ll be here to help you along the way.