A very limited number of fonts are used by London Metropolitan University in promotional materials and for day-to-day business.

Corporate font

Our main corporate font is Helvetica Neue.

The font is used for publicity materials such as prospectuses, flyers, the annual review, posters, certificates and other similar communications.

We have a limited number of licences for this font but please contact the Marketing team if you’d like to find out more about using Helvetica Neue.

Secondary font

When Helvetica Neue is not available Arial should be used instead. This font should be used for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, email, email signatures, letters, reports, agendas, etc.

Using Arial creates consistency across the University and avoids potential clashes when documents are shared by different users.

Other fonts (Comic Sans for example) are not appropriate for everyday use.

Logo font

Our refreshed logo uses Gotham, a bold family of sans-serif typefaces. Gotham is to be used only in our logo and is not intended for any other purpose.

Other fonts

The use of other fonts is not permitted, except on very rare occasions when a stylised heading might enhance the design of a promotional poster or flyer. Even in this case, other text on the page should be presented in Helvetica Neue and all text must adhere to the page layout and positioning guidance. The title font may in this instance be in all-capitals or all-lowercase if it will benefit the promotional item stylistically, but all other text on the page should follow the usual rules regarding capital letters.

London Met's main corporate font is Helvetica Neue