Sizing and positioning

It is important for the use of our London Met and sub-brand logos to be used consistently to ensure a professional look and feel. For this reason the cosmos and accompanying text should follow these precise rules about sizing, positioning and design layout.

A logo should appear on the front of all publications and publicity materials.

Logo sizing and positioning
Logo exclusion zone

Positioning the logo

Minimum sizes example image

Logo positioning examples

Sizing the logo and corner logos

Sizing the horiziontal sub-brand logos


The horizontal version of the logo features in the left corner of a document. The left and right corner pivots are to be used in their corresponding corners.

If there is no option but for a logo to appear at the bottom of a page, only a horizontal version should be used. If this is the case the first preference is for the logo to appear in the bottom left corner.

Exclusion zone

The exclusion zone (margin) around the logo is the same width and height as the space between the baseline of 'London' and the baseline of 'University'. (See image carousel above.)

Logo size

The size of the logo is determined by the paper size of the document that it is going to be featured on. The sizes for the corporate, left and right pivot logos are all based on either the height or width of both the text and graphic elements. This is made clear in the tables below:

Corporate horizontal and sub-brand left corner pivot logo

Paper size Width Height 
A3 80mm Relative to width
A4 60mm Relative to width
A5 46mm Relative to width
A6 35mm Relative to width

 Sub-brand right corner pivot logo

Paper sizeWidthHeight
A3 Relative to height 80mm
A4 Relative to height 60mm
A5 Relative to height 46mm
A6 Relative to height 35mm

Sub-brand horizontal logo

Paper sizeWidthHeight
A3 Relative to height 20mm
A4 Relative to height 15mm
A5 Relative to height 12mm
A6 Relative to height 9mm

Minimum size for print and digital

There are minimum sizes for our main corporate logo and our sub-brand logos. Ideally our logo should be displayed at a larger size than those displayed here, though sometimes displaying our logo at the minimum size is unavoidable.

Corporate and sub-brand left and right pivot logo

The minimum logo size of the corporate logo and sub-brand left and right pivot variants has a width of 20mm / 57 pixels.

Sub-brand horizontal logo 

The minimum logo size of the horizontal sub-brand logo variants has a width of 35mm / 100 pixels.