Keeping on top of your social media accounts
Before setting up any new social media accounts affiliated with the University, you must ensure you've read our Social Media Policy. There are certain permissions you'll need to acquire before you're allowed to set up any new accounts so please ensure you've read the policy in its entirety. Refer to section five on the responsibilities of site administrators to find out more about the permissions required. You may want to consider the information below when seeking approval as it is likely you'll need to provide justification for your new accounts. If it is agreed that there is a need and use for the account then please use the helpful guides and information below.

Knowing who will be monitoring the accounts

It is important to have a schedule and know who will be looking out for comments or engagement daily. You'll need to make sure accounts are always monitored except during any times stated on the account. For example our Twitter bio says that we monitor the account Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. This helps to manage expectations of response times over weekends and evenings.

Responding to enquiries 

If you're contacted with an enquiry on social media it's important you respond where possible and do so as soon as possible. How you interact with social media users shows the world what kind of organisation we are. However, don't rush your response – correct information is important!

Dealing with complaints and criticism

It is common for brands to be contacted about a complaint or to receive critisism via social media. It is an easier form of contact for many people. Always make sure you are aware of where to direct that user and make sure you respond to the complaint within a timely manner. Leaving a complaint unanswered does not give a good impression to other social media users. It is important that you are also aware of and have read our Social Media Policy so that you are well equipped to deal with any unforeseen incidents.

Scheduling content

The key to staying on top of your social media accounts is to plan ahead. Scheduling in content is key and will help you to organise your time and content more efficiently. 

Some platforms have their own scheduling platform: 

Facebook's Creator Studio – here you can schedule content for your Facebook and Instagram pages. Use the logos at the top to switch between platforms you'd like to schedule content for.

Twitter's scheduling feature, TweetDeck – here you can schedule the content you want to put out on Twitter. 

If you'd like to consider alternative scheduling platforms, please email and we'll be happy to help.

Not sure? Get in touch

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