All applicants will attend a portfolio interview.  The interview takes the form of an informal discussion that ensures you are applying for the right kind of animation course to meet your needs and interests.  It also helps us to get a sense of whether you are ready to make the transition to working in a professional studio environment, as you will engage in a number of exciting live projects with real clients during the course.  These require students to have the maturity to understand that they have the same commitment to their animation course as they would in any other professional animation studio.
It is essential that applicants to put together a well presented portfolio and/or showreel, which can include sketchbook work, observational drawings, location drawings, life drawing, storyboarding, model making, animation, film, photography.  We are especially looking for students who show something personal or unique in their work, and that are prepared to take creative risk in implementing challenging ideas. 
We are very happy to see applicants who do not have any animation specific work in their portfolio.  We advise applicants to broaden portfolio content beyond more conventional work such as Animé.  More than anything we looking for applicants who are clearly motivated, indicated by the level of organisation and diversity of ideas in their work, for a course which promotes an alternative but professional approach to studying animation.