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As an agent, recruiting on behalf of London Met, you'll need to know about us and how we'll work together. This page is designed to provide you with all the relevant information about us and about being an agent for us. 

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Please note you are advised to manage applications via our Agent Portal and applications should be submitted via relevant course pages. If your colleagues require access, please submit a request via the Agent Portal

Key information

Here you'll find information about the structure of the University, our services and facilities and our corporate information. 

London Met currently has five academic schools. We provide a number of services to support our students, staff, local communities and businesses. All of these groups can gain access to our sport and fitness facilities and our libraries – follow the links to find out how.

If you're looking for a general introduction to London Met, take a look at our course listings - where you can find key statistics about courses and departments, events and latest news.

We help students with accommodationfunding and career enhancing advice. Our support services are designed to ensure that students receive all the guidance they can during their time with us.

Our international students can utilise key pages from our website including our how to apply pages and country specific applying pages. 

If you want to find out more about the University, you can also check out our latest London Met videos.

Our visual identity and brand is an important tool for us to be recognisable to our students. Please therefore be sure to familiarise yourself with our brand guidlines

Your responsibilities

  • Familiarise yourself with the course portfolio, admissions requirements, facilities and services offered to students.
  • Provide excellent support and guidance to students wishing to pursue a degree at London Metropolitan University, and assist from enquiry/application until they register at the University.
  • Keep a record of all students you are advising and complete/return the relevant template for enrolled students at the beginning of each academic intake.
  • Keep up to date with UK visa requirements relating to UK higher education and contact our immigration team for more details on anything you are not sure of.
  • Adhere to the University’s brand guidelines when producing marketing collateral and ensure that the final version has been approved by your account manager in the international recruitment team prior to publishing it on any communication channels.
  • Attend all compulsory training sessions, online and offline, and aim to visit the campus at least once a year if possible.

What you can expect from us

  • We will provide regular training sessions and updates to keep you informed of any news and events happening at the University.
  • We like to visit our partner agents as often as possible to provide information and training about the University.
  • We will provide all relevant marketing materials including prospectuses, brochures, application forms, admission policy and procedures, fee policy, refund policy and other applicable information to you on an annual basis.
  • We will send you a new Agent Handbook at the beginning of each recruitment year detailing core information regarding the University, its courses, processes and policies.
  • Your account manager in the international recruitment team will maintain regular communication in person, via email, on the phone and through online chat.
  • We will invite you to attend our Agent Conference. 
  • Our Admissions team will aim to process your students’ applications and respond with a decision within 10 working days.

Contracts and performance

  • The contract will be for two years and will allow termination if the agent does not comply with the University’s desired practices and vice versa.
  • Performance will be reviewed every year with particular emphasis on successful recruitment numbers, low visa- refusal, continuation and completion rates and ethical behaviour.
  • Financial details such as commission payments to the agent are clearly stated and agreed upon in the contract.
Undergraduate programmes

Applications via UCAS: All EU and UK applicants should apply via UCAS. Applications referred via UCAS should be notified by email together with an agent authorisation form.

Direct applicationsInternational students can apply directly on our website through the individual course pages. The section Permanent Home Address should be populated with the student’s address. The section Correspondence Address should be populated with the agent’s contact details. All correspondence regarding the application status will be emailed to the email address of the Correspondence Address as well as to the Home Address. If you are submitting an application on behalf of the student, please ensure your agent code is selected and the tagging will be done automatically. If the agent code is not added at the point of application or the student wishes to change their agent, the student will need to contact to request the agent change and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that:
  • some students may be invited to attend an interview or provide a portfolio/attend audition
  • some students may need to provide additional documents for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) assessment

You are advised to check our course fees via the relevant course page. Please be advised that international fee-paying students are awarded a scholarship of £2,000 if they are successful with their applications.

We do not own or manage any halls of residence or accommodation, but we do work with a wide range of private providers – please refer to our website pages on accomodation for details.

Agent portal:

Please note you are advised to manage applications via our Agent Portal and applications should be submitted via relevant course pages. If your colleagues require access, please submit a request via the Agent Portal. 

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