Commission an apprenticeship with London Met

If you are interested in commissioning an apprenticeship with London Met, we would be delighted to discuss this in more detail with you.

Apprenticeships are regulated by Government and, as such, there is a prescribed process that must be followed in order to commission an apprenticeship course with any provider.

The process provided below broadly sets out the commissioning process with London Met. However, please be assured the apprenticeship team will support you and the apprentice applicant in completing this process. 

Engaging with London Met

  • We'll discuss your needs and how our apprenticeship programme could support these.
  • We'll agree the course particulars, including start dates, duration and number of apprentices.
  • You will send written confirmation to London Met stating tha you wish to proceed.


  • We will review the apprentice applicant job description against the standard to confirm that it is appropriate for the individual in question.
  • The apprentice makes an application to London Met, including all required documentation.
  • London Met confirms to you that the apprentice applicant meets the requirements of the apprenticeship.

Before the apprenticeship starts

  • London Met supplies a written agreement to you setting out the terms and conditions and regulatory requirements (please also see employer checklist). This must be signed by you and returned.
  • London Met supplies a commitment statement and apprenticeship agreement for each apprentice applicant. These must be signed by you and the apprentice (and by a parent or guardian if the apprentice is under 18) and returned.
  • You must complete and submit details to the Digital Apprenticeship Service to confirm this agreement to release funding for the course.

Please see our pre-apprenticeship employer checklist for more details about the documentation and information required.

Please note, ideally this process will have been fully completed no later than six weeks prior to the course start date. If all signed documentation is not received within this timeframe this significantly increases the risk of the apprentice not being able to start the course on the proposed date.