How can I supply goods or a service to the University?

The University conducts its business in a fair, open and transparent manner. It deals with a multitude of local, national or global organisations, from those with just a few employees to those with many thousands.

All our contracts are awarded by competition between potential suppliers, unless there are compelling reasons why competition cannot be used.

Where required, contracts in the relevant categories are advertised on the Official Journal of the European Union’s TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) website in line with our obligation under the EU procurement directives. In some cases we also issue prior information notices that describe contracts that will be formally advertised in the near future.

How to become a supplier

London Metropolitan University procures goods, services and works costing circa £40 million a year from the private, public and voluntary sectors to meet corporate objectives and to provide high quality and cost effective services to its students and staff.

The University operates a devolved purchasing system where day-to-day purchasing decisions are made by departments and schools. The University's central procurement team provides advice and assistance to the departments and schools on goods purchasing practice and, for all requirements over £100,000, the team manages the tendering process on behalf of that department/school.

Collaborative procurement

The University is a member of the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC), a purchasing group that collaborates in order to combine requirements and produce regional frameworks in conjunction with other consortia. If you're interested in becoming a supplier to the LUPC, please visit its website.

Opportunities to become a regular supplier can be found by:

The University contracts with its suppliers on its standard terms and conditions, which apply to all purchase orders unless alternative terms and conditions are specified.

Transparency in procurement

Details of our tender and contract documents over £25,000 can be found on the Contracts Finder website.

Improving opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises
The University recognises the important role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in delivering UK economic growth and prosperity.

We encourage SMEs to bid for business and endeavour to monitor the level of business SMEs receive from us.

To find out if you qualify as an SME, you can read the definition on the European Commission website. If you have any further questions regarding SMEs they can be directed to us by emailing strategic-

Sustainable procurement

The University practises sustainable procurement to increase value for money while minimising environmental damage and waste.

We use our procurement and contract management activities to encourage sustainable behaviour. More information is available on our sustainability pages.


The University uses an electronic tendering portal, which provides a suite of web-based tools that enable our procurement professionals and suppliers to conduct the strategic activities of the procurement lifecycle over the internet.

It provides an efficient, simple, security accredited, EU compliant means for managing tendering activities, reducing the time and effort required for both buyers and suppliers.

The eSourcing portal enables users to:

  • register and express an interest in a procurement opportunity
  • participate in tendering activities, downloading, completing and submitting proposals

Prompt payment

We consistently hit the government’s target to pay 80% of undisputed invoices within five days. We pay all compliant goods and services invoices as soon as they have been authorised by the appropriate budget holder responsible for the contract within 30 days.


All invoices must include the University’s purchase order number and be sent to:

London Metropolitan University 
Accounts Payable 
166-220 Holloway Road
N8 8DB 

Any suppliers asked to supply to the University will be given a formal purchase order. Suppliers should not provide goods or services unless a valid purchase order has been received or an alternative method has been formally agreed.

Tender opportunities

To view tender opportunities and current contracts, please visit our e-tendering and contract portal.

Procurement thresholds and process

The table below summarises the University's purchasing thresholds and the routes that must be followed by University purchasers when undergoing purchasing activities.

Total value Procedure
At or below £25,000 One quotation need only be sought, although competitive quotations. Competitive quotations are not mandatory but are recommended provided that the value involved is sufficient to warrant it.
£25,001 to £100,000 Formal requests for quotation must be undertaken, inviting a minimum of three quotations, obtained in writing, held securely and opened at the same time.  
Over £100,001 to £181,302 Follow a full tender process, inviting a minimum of five and a maximum of tend tenders of which two must be a SME.
Over £181,302 (Supply/Service) or £4,551.413 (Works) (EU thresholds) Follow a full tender process in line with European Union Public Procurement Legislation. Advertise the procedure in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) as well as e- tendering portal, Contracts Finder and relevant trade journals.

Total contract value is calculated on the total spend over the life of the contract. For example, a service bought in on a four-year contract at £40,000 a year has a total value of £160,000.

Insurance requirements

Before being invited to tender, contractors and nominated sub-contractors must provide evidence of appropriate insurance. The minimum insurance cover acceptable to us for any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event is given below:
Type of insurance Minimum cover
Public liability £5 million
Product liability £5 million
Employers' liability £5 million
Professional indemnity £2 million

Contact information

If you have any further questions or feedback in regards to any purchasing/procurement exercise you have taken part in, please send all queries to and a member of the procurement team will be able to help you.

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