Along with other higher education libraries, London Metropolitan University's Library Services and Special Collections Department is subject to the Re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI) Regulations 2015.

For more information about PSI please refer to the Statutory Instrument on PSI (accessed July 2016).

Library Services and Special Collections exists in order to:

  • support the teaching, learning and research activities of the University through the provision of information resources, both in print and in electronic formats
  • provide support and training in how to access and use information resources
  • develop the collections and library space according to user needs

The public task of London Metropolitan University Library, under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations, consists of the principal activity outlined below:

to provide permission to use digital copies of manuscripts, documents and objects in our collections for re-use in publications or through other media

The University’s museum and archival collections are not covered by the PSI Regulations, however, London Metropolitan University Library Services and Special Collections Department has decided to apply the same terms and conditions to both library materials and the archival and museum collections it holds for the University.

Requests to re-use information

If you wish to apply for access to our information under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations please fill in the form (appendix 2) and return it to

London Metropolitan University Department of Library Services and Special Collections undertakes digitisation and facilitates re-use wherever copyright law, data protection, licensing and the availability of funding will permit this. The Department does not have a dedicated budget for digitisation, so is reliant on charging fees for the digitisation, supply and licensing of content in order to meet its costs.

The Public Sector Information Regulations only govern the re-use of information. To obtain copies of personal data, or other information held by the London Metropolitan University, please make a Subject Access Request or a Freedom of Information Request.

Pricing structure for re-use of information (see Appendix 1)

Pricing for re-use of digitised materials varies according to their type and location of the reproduction. Standard prices are available online, and others can be provided on request. Any digitised images that are available for free will be clearly flagged as having a Creative Commons Licence. Where information has already been provided for re-use in a particular manner, then the cost for re-use in the same manner will be the same.

Right to refuse

London Metropolitan University reserves the right to refuse requests for re-use of information under the Directive where valid exceptions apply. Should this occur, the reason for refusal will be clearly explained, along with details on how to appeal the decision.

Review of Statement of Public Task 

We will review this statement biennially and will therefore next be reviewed in 2018. If you have any queries on this public task statement, or a complaint about London Metropolitan University Library under the Re-use Regulations, you can submit them to the Director of Library Services and Special Collections via

Re-use of Public Sector Information comments

If you encounter any problems or wish to make suggestions, please email Please ensure that you state “Complaint about re-use of PSI” in the subject line of your email.