Fire evacuation process and fire assembly points

Here you'll find details of what to do in the event of fire as well as fire evacuation information for London Met's buildings in Holloway, Aldgate and Shoreditch.

General fire instructions

On hearing the fire alarm, follow these instructions:

  • leave by the nearest exit
  • do not stop to collect belongings
  • do not use lifts
  • go to assembly point

The University has a number of designated people who report to the evacuation controller (a senior member of the Estates department's front-of-house staff). They will be wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a clip board.


Science Centre

Fire assembly point: Hornsey Road on the wide pavement opposite the Learning Centre. Be careful crossing the road!
Alarm sound: 
Banshee siren

Learning Centre

Fire assembly point: Hornsey Road, on the wide pavement opposite the Learning Centre. Be careful crossing the road!

Further information

For further information about fire assembly points and alarm sounds, please take a look at the Tower Complex Evacuation Leaflet.


16 Goulston Street

Fire assembly point: Resolution Plaza
Alarm sound: 
Continuous banshee siren

Calcutta House

Fire assembly point: Resolution Plaza
Alarm sound: Continuous bell sound apart from the Small Block and parts of third and fifth floors where it is a banshee siren

25 Old Castle Street

Fire assembly point: Resolution Plaza
Alarm sound: Continuous banshee siren



Fire assembly point: Basing Place car park
Alarm sound: Staged alarm (This means that if the fire alarm is raised in one block the fire alarm only sounds in that block with the adjacent block(s) hearing an intermittent fire alert signal)

For further information about Shoreditch fire safety and evacuation procedures, please take a look at 35 Kingsland Road Shoreditch building - safety and evacuation procedures .

Contact details and further information

If you require fire risk assessment guidance and worksheets, information on personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) for people who have disabilities or if you have any other questions, please contact the fire safety advisor on or 020 7133 3962.