Transforming London Met's digital infrastructure

This Digital First Strategy is a high-level plan, designed and resourced to support the delivery of the University Strategy, a reminder of which is at Appendix 1.

In consultation with a wide range of stakeholders our shared vision is to ensure that by 2026:

  • All of our staff will be digitally competent
  • Every course will have digital learning at its core
  • We will create an outstanding digital environment for students from awareness to enrolment to lecture theatre.
  • Personalised learning via multi location and multi device access will be standard
  • Access to networks and data will be cyber secure
  • Our infrastructure will be smart – sensing when students and staff are on site – and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders
  • Decision making will be data informed

Success will be achieved when:

  • Applicants using London Met’s digital resources feel valued as individuals and get the best understanding of what their London Met experience could be.
  • Students can build a digital learning environment that is personalised, flexible and easy to use in order to meet their needs of learning at any time, and any place. They should be confident and competent working in and competent working in an agile, digital environment. Digital approaches will make it clear where they can add value.
  • Researchers can make use of the digital facilities of the University, to allow them to be more innovative with their research, obtain more grant funding, and generate higher research impact.
  • Decision makers in the University will have secure access to, and be able to share all the information and data that they need to make fully informed decisions promptly. They can be confident that this information and data is comprehensive and accurate, and it has been generated and will be preserved by digitally optimised, efficient and effective, business processes governed by appropriate controls and alerts.
  • Partners working with the University will be able to access they information they need, share data and co-create resources with members of the University easily and securely.
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