Inclusive Behaviours training

The Inclusive Behaviours training programme is an exploration of equity and inclusion within higher education. During 2020/21 and 2021/22, this mandatory training is being rolled out to all London Metropolitan University staff, and we are working with the leading equity trainers, external to the University, to support us in the roll-out. We are building our capacity to deliver Inclusive Behaviours training using in-house expertise in the future and are working with our external team on a train-the-trainer approach. 

The programme centres on theories and challenges in relation to race, and intersects with other protected characteristics and social justice issues in a range of contexts. The first part of the training is a series of four three-hour sessions:

  1. Developing the language for inclusive behaviours – a shared language for race equity and its intersections
  2. Power and privilege – impact of bias; and the power dynamics at play at individual, interpersonal and institutional level
  3. Noticing the dynamics – microaggressions, allyship and difficult situations
  4. Reflecting on the dynamics – interrogating the positionality and dynamics of systemic inequity in the work and HE environment

After these sessions, participants attend a series of additional reflection sessions that adopt a solution-focused action learning approach. 

For our academic staff, Inclusive Behaviours sits alongside other mandatory training that was introduced in 2020/21. Together with Data Familiarisation training and the Education for Social Justice Pedagogy workshops, staff are being supported to reflect and develop their professional practice. We believe the development of a holistic understanding of the current and historical context at London Met is key to solving the complex equity issues facing our sector.