Information for staff from partner institutions

IT account access

Teaching staff from partner institutions who are delivering University awards can be issued with information and communications technology (ICT) accounts. Staff users require a University ICT account to access online resources, eg WebLearn.

In order to request an ICT account, you should provide the Quality Enhancement Unit (QEU) with details of teaching staff to be issued accounts. The Quality Enhancement Unit is responsible for confirmation of entitlement, and will then request account creation from the University’s Information Systems and Services Department.

The details required should be provided in the form of a curriculum vitae for each member of staff including:

  • title
  • first name
  • last name
  • email address at the collaborative institution

The Quality Enhancement Unit will then confirm with the partner that the staff access list remains up-to-date on an annual basis as part of the annual monitoring process and will inform the Information and Technology Services Department of all changes in staff.

Setting up ICT accounts takes up to seven working days, providing there are no unforeseeable complications. It will normally take an additional two working days for WebLearn accounts to be activated once the user has been issued with an ICT account.

Accounts for collaborative students are created automatically at the point of enrolment through the Student Record System. Students who do not have a valid account on the system (ie fully enrolled, registered on their modules and having paid their fees to the University where applicable) will not be able to access WebLearn.

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