Trump, Television and the Media: From Drama to “Fake News” to Tweetstorms

Virtual conference schedule (UK timings)

Day 1 – Friday 30 October 2020

from Professor Don MacRaild
Introduction to the Conference Programme by Dr Karen McNally, London Metropolitan University

Panel 1: The Politics of Reality TV During a Reality TV Presidency 

Chair: Mike Chopra-Gant, London Metropolitan University

Stephane Azarian, University of Roehampton, ‘Dragged by the Sissy: Trump Parody on RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Rachel Meltzer, John F. Kennedy Institute, The Free University, Berlin, ‘Protesting Trump’s Act: Dragging Women Into It’

Laura Langlade, University of Roehampton, ‘“It’s me against the world, as usual”: #MeToo and Exploring the self-victimisation of power in the Trump era and MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning’

2.20–2.30pm Tea/coffee break

Panel 2: Women, #MeToo and Contesting the Patriarchy Under Trump

Chair: Professor Marguerite Chabrol, Université Paris 8

Jen Atkins, Florida State University, ‘“The New Normal”: The Handmaid’s Tale and Cosplay Activism in Trump’s America’

Steven Cohan, Syracuse University, 'Fosse/Verdon and the #MeToo Moment'

Lucinda Rasmussen, University of Alberta, ‘Nasty Older Women and a Golden Boy: How Gendered Tropes in Jane the Virgin Aim to Destabilize the American Heteropatriarchy’

3.50–4.00pm Tea/coffee break    

Panel 3: Digital and Audio-Visual Messaging and Meaning
Chair: Professor Jennifer Harding, London Metropolitan University

Marissa Salas, University of Central Florida, ‘Twitter’s Publics and Counterpublics of the Trumpian Bargain’

Natalia Kovalyova, University of Texas, ‘The Digital Means of a Publics Formation: An Ethnographic Study of #MAGA2020’

Júlia Durand, University of Lisbon and Toby Huelin, University of Leeds, ‘Sounds Like Money? Stock Music, Television, and Donald Trump’

Carmen Celestini, University of Waterloo, ‘Tweets, Conspiracies, Moral Panics, and Masks of Freedom'

5.40–6.10pm Meal break

Panel 4: Narrative, Genre and Cultural Critique in Television Fiction

Chair: Oliver Gruner, University of Portsmouth

Charlotte Gough, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Postmodern Patriarchy and the “Trumpocalypse” in American Horror Story (2018)’

Reece Goodall, University of Warwick, ‘Taking The Good Fight to Trump: Impeachment and the 25th Amendment as Narrative Devices’

Greg Frame, Bangor University and Hannah Andrews, Edge Hill University, ‘Teaching Demons and Eating Nazis: Morality in Trump-Era Fantasy Comedy’

7.30–7.40pm Tea/coffee break

Keynote address
James Poniewozik, Chief Television Critic at the New York Times and author of Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television, and the Fracturing of America (W W Norton, 2019) 

‘The Most Objectionable Program: How TV Divided and Conquered America’

Q&A moderated by Dr Karen McNally 

Day 2 – Saturday 31 October 2020

to Day 2 from Dr Karen McNally

Panel 5: Twitter, Celebrity and Political Media Strategies

Chair: Andrew Moran, London Metropolitan University

Rafał Kuś, Jagiellonian University, ‘Making America Great Again, One Tweet at a Time: The Rhetoric of Trump on Twitter’

Susan J. Douglas, University of Michigan, ‘Breaking the Rules of Political Communication: Trump’s Successes and Miscalculations’

2.20–2.30pm Tea/coffee break

Panel 6: Journalism, the News Media and Representing Trump

Chair: Wendy Sloane, London Metropolitan University

Robert E. Gutsche Jr., Lancaster University, ‘Doing Trump’s Dirty Work? How Fighting Trump Veils Problems of Journalistic Power’ 

Liane Tanguay, University of Houston-Victoria, ‘Reality TV “Gets Real”: CNN and the 2016 Election Campaign’ 

Nelson Okorie, Pan-Atlantic University, ‘Global Media Narratives, Donald Trump and the Promise of Nationalism’

3.50–4.00pm Tea/coffee break

Panel 7: Understanding Trump Through Hyperreality, Disinformation and Home Shopping

Chair: Professor Sunny Singh, London Metropolitan University

Barry Mauer, University of Central Florida, ‘Trump, Dismediation, and the Cognitive Immune System’

Alan N. Shapiro, University of the Arts, Bremen, ‘Is Trump a Fascist or is He the Parody of Fascism?’  

Vinzenz Hediger, Goethe University, ‘The Politics of Status Elevation: Donald J. Trump’s Home Shopping Governance’ 

5.20–5.40pm Tea/coffee break

Panel 8

Chair: Professor Sharon Monteith, Nottingham Trent University

Will DiGravio, Kevin B. Lee and Cydnii Wilde
‘Curating the Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist’ and Q&A 

of Conference – Dr Karen McNally