Daniel Stanton

Aldgate future plan

About the proposed design


The landscape has been designed to exist independently as well as within the context of the proposed ‘Aldgate future plan’. An inviting shared foyer space has been created between the church hall and the new hotel. The space in-front of the hall, adjacent to the existing church entrance, has been designed as a more secluded public space which city workers on lunch-breaks, Sunday school children and anyone else can use without direct association with the church.

The Facade

The facade which wraps the building emphasises the distinction between the church and the community hall, whilst subtly referencing the materiality of the domes on either side of the spire. The quality of the facade facing the hotel aims to enhance the space between the hall and the hotel. The unique roof shape which acts sympathetically to maintain the natural light entering the upper floor windows of the church, is concealed by the facade. The facade is pierced with full height entrances and windows allowing natural light into internal spaces within the new hall. Only the main entrance with access into the ‘large hall’ and down into the crypts, protrudes from the facade.

Daniel Stanton


Isometric View and Sketch Section

Floor Plan

Ground Level Plan

Scale 1:120

Mezzanine Level Plan

External Views

External Views